Ultimate guide to Focus Writer editor for SRE and Non-Techies

Killer tool for improving writing skills that are Open source-based and cross-platform compatible. It is the Focus Writer. Let’s see how it helps Techies and Non-Techies alike.

Free and Cross-platform compatible

Focus Writer is open source and tiny memory footprint Text editing software. It will work on Windows, Linux and Mac. The best thing is Free and you can donate if you want.

So many editors what’s special in Focus Writer?

So Many tools in this domain but the interface and performance is impressive without any clutter. Standalone program without any installation is one added advantage ( normal Windows install also available)


Each theme is completely customizable without touching any code. Text width, Text editing area width etc.. you can customize with the click of a button.

Focus Mode:

It will allow you to dim down other text in the editor by high lighting current line/no lines/para.

Focus Mode Demo
Focus mode demo of Focus Writer

Multi-tab & Chapter menu

You can work on multiple notes at a time. You can divide notes into chapters by adding ## to the start of the Chapter. on a large file, you can navigate to Chapter with a demand chapter menu which will show on the left side of the editor.

It supports plain text, open office doc and RTF.

Download Focus Writer 



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