TerraForm Lab ready now how to learn TerraForm

Hi, I am Mr LinuxSME wants to become TeeraForm SME. So started this TerraForm SME series.

Now I set up TerraForm OCI Lab with help of a great Google search. Thanks to all contributors. The lab setup is easy anyone can do. Now the real thing is how to learn TerraForm and teach all of you. It’s a learning and share series.

To add authentication and streamline, I am targeting Terraform associate certification. So by end of this TerraForm certification guide, I must complete Terraform certification. If I am able to then any novice can do. This TerraForm series is the runbook of my attempt to complete Terrafor certification.

A lot of information is available about TerraForm. I need to select which one to start. At least I am going through any one of Terraform tutorials avaialbe Google, I will get the overall picture. Later I can drill down the key topics.

Tonight I will try to complete any one source to complete. Hope Tomorrow I can share the road map. for TerraForm SME course.



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