Skill Up and Linux SRE but how?

Every one now saying skill up! skill up! to become SRE else no job. Stressful period no doubt especially for experienced and struck in comfortable zone System Admins.

Any way to become SRE?

Jenkins/Hudson/bamboo/terraform/ansible/chef/puppet……. list growing, how much once can learn? there is away!.

Did you remember, how many Linux distributions released with various options? but kernel? it is unique. The same way basic tools we need to learn but at an advanced level.

Moderate knowledge in Any OS + Any modern language + Any version control system + IaC tool + Any cloud = You can become SRE.

It is not possible to learn every buzz word in the industry but if you have a solid understanding of basics, it will be a game changer.

Solid understanding means?

Simple question – what is bit ? – hmm simple! My answer is group of transistors.

One must read the book I can say this is your first step to become SRE.






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