RunDeck first login hung

Rundeck I tried as a weekend project but it went more than what I expected. RunDeck is an automation tool. You can get more about on their website. Open Source version also available.

My attempt was to configure RunDeck and use to create or provision of VM on OCI. I know it is blind shot as I don’t have any knowledge of this tool and integration with Terraform.

YOu cann our Raw cut video of Rundeck on Ubuntu. Please note it is not plosihed video.

RunDeck install on Ubuntu 20 Open Source version

2 GB, 2 CPU Ubuntu vm used as RunDeck installation. It was fine.

No Problem part. http://localhost:4441 is the URL fro admin it. So I used my VM IP and called it as Nice! it responded well and given login box. all went well that’s it RunDeck Hung after entering initial login which is admin/admin. I keep on watching more than 10 mins, suspecting my low memory.

Then tried different browsers no use! I saw an old thread on the Internet that caused me to think about it. Bug or Feature. Post-install, you need to change URL in file. Someone says it is a feature to customize it. Some say it is Bug.

May be too early to comment as I didn’t read complete documentation but I am not alone as per Google facing this issue. It’s a great tool so we can ignore this glitch!

Solution to fix RunDeck initial login is :

vi /etc/rundeck/

# change hostname here

Bingo! then ti worked.

RunDeck post  first login issue solution.
RunDeck first login issue fixed. RunDeck initial login hung issue fixed,.

Now the major part is how to call Terraform from RunDeck. I will update next Weekend If I am successful in integrating Terraform and Rundeck






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