Quick fix laptop overheat due to virtualization, GNS3 like tools

Virtualization enabled every laptop to act as a Super Computer. Very efficient but what about overheat problem due to less efficient cooling system of the laptop. Low-cost cooling pads can work for 5-6 Degrees only. More than that need costly ones.

If you have purifier like Mi Air purifier you can use it as an excellent external cooling system for your laptop.

How to use Mi Air Purifier as an external cooling system to reduce 20 C temperature?

My Dell 7490 holding Vmware, Virtualbox with 32 GB RAM and cheap cooling pad unable to reduce as expected. So on weekend, I tried using Air Purifier as a cooling fan for my laptop.

Mi Air purifier as laptop cooling device.

So now result of using Air purifier as external cooling system

70 C to 46 C – amazing more than 20 C reduction in temperature.

Above result achieved by keeping mode 3 of purifier which is noisy. If you keep Auto mode, you can reduce 15-20 degree C without any noise.

In this way, we can use Air purifier as an external cooling system for laptops which are overloaded with Virtualization tools.

The result is good but I am not aware of side effects on the laptop board with this air blow. Please leave your comment.






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