Open Media Vault  NAS installation on the laptop T450

Open Media Vault NAS is one free to install NAS product. Active development and can install any old laptop/desktop along with decent server hardware. We going to install version 5 for our DIY NAS on a Laptop  project 

Hardware auto-detected by T450 laptop by OMV so no hurdles about drivers. Installation guides are many available so I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Simple and straightforward automated install.

Post-install, it will present an IP address to access web-based GUI.

1. The first step is to change to static IP from the Web interface.

2. Change the default login password from openmediavault to secure one.

3. If you want additional functions like Iscsi server, LVM, Docker etc, then you need to install them as plugins using OVM-extras.

Detailed instal steps  mentioned here

4. the First step is to prepare disks.Left menu -> select disks. It will display all detected disks. Slect desired disk and click wipe.

5. Next go to the file system menu and create a file system on an earlier wiped disk. once filesystem is created, select on “mount” button.

6. Next is creating shared folders,  these are folders used for sharing via SAMAB or NFS. Select the shared folders menu and create a shared folder.

7. Now go to the services menu, select desired service and enable it. Next click on the shares tab and select the earlier created shared folder.

Details video tutorials are available on youtube or google.






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