Never use VM as NAS server even for Home use, my failed NAS story

We should not use Virtual Machine from desktop hypervisors like VMWare workstation, Virtualbox etc? Here is my failed NAS build using VM at the last min.,

I want to migrate to NAS from the external back drive for better organization other features. I have a large number of ISO images, screen recording etc stuff. I don’t requirement of 4k video and security camera footage storage so don’t want to waste money on fancy NAS hardware.

FreeNAS, I want to install it on VM  running on Vmware Workstation Pro. But memory requirement is high for FreeNAS. So moved to Open Media Volut. 

Everything went fine and during the testing performance, realized something which I ignored earlier. Tried AJA benchmark on one SAMBA mount and  500 Mbps ( 1/2 of Gigabit LAN) is speed. I am clueless why it is unable to saturate Gigabit Lan bandwidth.

Not only that CPU spike is high during data transfer. Suspected SAMBA and tried to configure some old tweaks but no use.

Next tried Linux client with NFS and Rsync – it was much worse like 40 MB. ( Remember 1 GBps = 125 MB ) 90 MB at least I am expecting.

Then suspected about cables and changed to cat 6 but no use.  then I tried laptop to Desktop and bingo network speed at 106 MB on both read and write. This clarifies to me that my network infra is fine.  I am using the same ISP-provided router with built-in 4 ports.

Then I changed VMxNET3 in VMware workstation for Windows Test box but no use. At last, the issue is with NIC.  Due to some reason VMware simulated network cards ( virtual vnics) unable to perform.

I don’t have access to type 1 like ESX etc. so installed OpenMediavault on T450 ( I will post the process soon).

AJA  T450  NAS speed check
T450 laptop NAS box speed check

So Moral of the story – Desktop Hypervisor is not suitable for network loads related to NAS even for Home use.








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