A quick way to create your own Dynamic DNS of your domain

Now you can create your own Dynamic services like no-IP but with your own domain and no need to depend on any service provider. How and why to have your own dynamic DNS?

I am hosting some parts of our Linux SME portal from my by broadband, now you may be surprised why the hell I am doing that? I got a stable net and why I can’t use it?. the only issue is My ISP provides Dynamic IP. I don’t use any dynamic service providers.

one of the excellent coders provided free option to implement Dynamic DNS on my domain. YOu can get more details from below video

Thanks source who provided excellent way to create own Dynamic DNS

At present, it works with Godaddy but it works with any DNS provider who enables API based remote zone management.

How it works?

1.Shell script which connects to Godaddy and updates subdomains related linuxsme.com whenever my broadband ip changes.

2.YOu can see exactly how to implement and download the script from the above video.

How to create own dynamic DNS service with your domain

Feel free comment, if you know any best way to implement dynamic dns for free.

Quick fix laptop overheat due to virtualization, GNS3 like tools

Virtualization enabled every laptop to act as a Super Computer. Very efficient but what about overheat problem due to less efficient cooling system of the laptop. Low-cost cooling pads can work for 5-6 Degrees only. More than that need costly ones.

If you have purifier like Mi Air purifier you can use it as an excellent external cooling system for your laptop.

How to use Mi Air Purifier as an external cooling system to reduce 20 C temperature?

My Dell 7490 holding Vmware, Virtualbox with 32 GB RAM and cheap cooling pad unable to reduce as expected. So on weekend, I tried using Air Purifier as a cooling fan for my laptop.

Mi Air purifier as laptop cooling device.

So now result of using Air purifier as external cooling system

70 C to 46 C – amazing more than 20 C reduction in temperature.

Above result achieved by keeping mode 3 of purifier which is noisy. If you keep Auto mode, you can reduce 15-20 degree C without any noise.

In this way, we can use Air purifier as an external cooling system for laptops which are overloaded with Virtualization tools.

The result is good but I am not aware of side effects on the laptop board with this air blow. Please leave your comment.

Best books for SRE

Do you want to improve Knowledge about SRE from creators, yes from Google for free? Yes, you can get google knowledge about SRE concepts for free from Google.

If you prefer read SRE books online then all free SRE books at Google SRE books page

But if you prefer to read offline, then you can buy them online. My request is all who wants to be SRE, the first step read above 3 Google SRE books.

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Skill Up and Linux SRE but how?

Every one now saying skill up! skill up! to become SRE else no job. Stressful period no doubt especially for experienced and struck in comfortable zone System Admins.

Any way to become SRE?

Jenkins/Hudson/bamboo/terraform/ansible/chef/puppet……. list growing, how much once can learn? there is away!.

Did you remember, how many Linux distributions released with various options? but kernel? it is unique. The same way basic tools we need to learn but at an advanced level.

Moderate knowledge in Any OS + Any modern language + Any version control system + IaC tool + Any cloud = You can become SRE.

It is not possible to learn every buzz word in the industry but if you have a solid understanding of basics, it will be a game changer.

Solid understanding means?

Simple question – what is bit ? – hmm simple! My answer is group of transistors.

One must read the book http://www.buthowdoitknow.com/ I can say this is your first step to become SRE.

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Can I host Prod WordPress on OCI free tier

Excellent question! While posting my story of Linuxsme on YouTube channel, my friend this question.

In fact, I am hosting this web site using Oracle Cloud – OCI – free tier compute node only. Ocpus are much powerful than other Cloud providers? we will see you soon. I am using OCI + SPark from adobe along with YouTube.

Non-APACHE based stack makes a lot of difference for limited resources VMS or Computenodes. Now, Http/2 seems to make some improvements to SSL based sites. Our site also SSL that too from “letsencrypt” for $0.

I am new to social media – can you believe – I don’t have Facebook Page!

Everything I installed by my own not Docker-based or any ready to use the stuff! Linux SRE needs to build such ready to use stuff. To build Stuff, first, you need to know how internals.

So LNMP + Adobe Spark + YouTube + OCI + MailChimo + WordPress = LinuxSME.com. Soon I going to present Linux and SRE related stuff.

How to become Sysadmin to SRE

Now System Admin job marked as Legacy and no more required by the IT industry. Its pain in the heart by seeing System admin jobs section removing from Organization job list. Now everyone wants SRE. It’s not a title change its complete change of mindset from System Admin.

What a respect SAs used to get in the organization!.Now SRE. Google started this concept of SRE in 2003 I think. But after Devops got good demand since 2011. now SRE came to picture. Although DevOps and ARE not same but interrelated now.

SRE means Site Reliability Engineer. A person with SA and Development skill set. 50:50 role. A developer can become System Admin but its hard for SA to become Developer. I am also now in the same boat. I will start my SRE journey on this blog. One thing is sure, a lot of learning curve ahead. You need to know the basics of DevOps tools and one language ( Python is the best choice). Just writing crude Bash scripts no more works!. Welcome to how to become SRE from SA role series.

how to become a site reliability engineer? how to become an sre?

how to become site reliability engineer?

All of the above questions are same as well answer also as mentioned above.

Ansible fever seems I got

It’s everywhere Ansible now. So I am also stepping in the world of YAML world of double space Indent. Today spent some money Ansible courses, hope my investment will give much more returns than what I expect. Oh! I am greedy !.
I will try to share here, my learnings. Whoever wants to learn Ansible, instead of jumping directly on the product, first learn YAML.
So will start YAML today onwards.

Kapow – simple way to track your time on PC or Laptop

K I, S.S this is best suits for Kapow software. Some times tiny software utilities help than complex paid software. How do you know the total time you spend on Laptop or Desktop task vice? you will say some Cloud-based app or some paid stuff. no need you can enjoy with Kapow utility which helps. It won’t require even the internet.



  • Linux/Windows.
  • POrtable version also available.
  • TIny footprint.
  • Built In report generation.