AMP is the best mode for twenty twentyone theme

Out of 3 modes available for AMP, which model is best for a Webhosting site with Twenty Twenty themes? AMP with reader mode is not that much good as it requires two themes to render for AMP and Non-AMP modes

AMP with Transacational mode is fine but the issue is the menu option not working in the 2021 theme.

AMP with standard mode is working fine. So same theme will be presented for mobile users and desktop users.

Linux SME now on OCI

Linux SME is now OCI powered which means running Oracle Cloud. In the process of migration, many plugins were removed and a few were installed. I will post a detailed story of migration in the next post.

I did everything non-automated way. I found out that multiple ways of deploying WordPress on OCI. One thing I detected as WordPress getting famous same level threats also increasing. Same as like Windows PC without firewall we can’t work the same way without web firewall WordPress sites are prone to attack.

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Shell script to convert text file to delimited form

Many times we may need to convert normal text files to comma delimited or any delimited forms. When dealing with Ansible, a comma-delimited form is very useful. Excel we can use but on Linux console, we can use follow two-liner to do work for us.

Bash Shell script to convert text file to delimited CSV format. Consider I have 300 hosts to gather some ifup -a o/p using Ansible playbook. I have an inventory of 2000 hosts with my Ansible. so I can pass selected hosts as variable to Ansible playbook in comma-delimited form. How to do it in Linux Shell in a quick way?

[root@localhost work]# cat #!/bin/sh sv_string=$(paste -sd, hosts) echo $sv_string [root@localhost work]#
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[root@localhost work]# ./,,,,, [root@localhost work]# cat hosts
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Simple fix loop device errors with losetup

loop devices are critical for virtualization technologies like xem or Oracle Virtual server. we may face errors like “mount: could not find any free loop device” during building or managing Vms lin dom0.

Step by step guide to build and fix loopdevice errors with losetup

1.Check current available loop devices on Linux ( Oracle Linux related) :

losetup -f /dev/loop50 -- > it means, next available loop device is loop50. Else it will give message no loop device available.
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2.Create new loop devices

You can create loop devices as per your requirement with losetup command. but you need to create a sequence of loops not random. For example setup -a given all used loop devices. In the last line of output, you will see the last loop user. Now to create mode, you need to use the number next to the above loop device number. For example, if the last loop device listed 60 then you need to create the next loop 61 onwards.

3.Easy way to create Linux loop devices with losetup in a shell script. Following the script, credit goes to the original author ( collect from random site)

for i in {23..63}; do if [ -e /dev/loop$i ]; then continue; fi; \ mknod /dev/loop$i b 7 $i; chown --reference=/dev/loop0 /dev/loop$i; \ chmod --reference=/dev/loop0 /dev/loop$i; done
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Above code creates loop devices from 23 to 63. so in short when you out of loop devices, first list them , check the last number and create new loop device from next to the last used number.

Learn typing then learn to program

Why one need to learn typing without seeing keyboard is basic skill to become programmer? Yes, it is stress reliver on your next and eyes noth only that big confidence booster.

Assume typing lines of codes without seeing the keyboard and like talking with the computer screen. stress on eyes will reduce drastically as well as neck.

Learn typing first then learn programming :). 10 mins of your time every day makes you a good touch typing expert in 15 days. Now so many online typing tools are available. No need to install anything on your system.

Never ever see keyboard while typing

Why who wants to learn programming, should know touch typing ?


Time saver and great easiness when coding hug number lines

Health benefits

Fix to Securepad plugin with Notepad++

Notepad++ is a much-liked text editor for most Linux admins. Recently I faced an issue that forced me to check for an encryption plugin for Notepadd++ to encrypt or decrypt text in Notebook.

SecureNote is excellent plugin for my need.

Unable to install secure note plugin in Notepadd++, no error from Notepad++.

I Am using version 7.9.x. Plugin admin – select plugin and install. After Notepad++ will restart but no sign of plugin. No error nothing. Problem was not with plugin admin as most us will think

How did I fix securenote plugin issue with Notepad++?

In blind cut method, tried to install other virtual machine and it worked. both Virtual Machines are same config but current one is not in office VPN. So tried to by disconnecting Cisco anyconnect VPN client, bingo ! it worked.

So Notepad++ must be run as admin mode to use system proxy when you under VPN. But Notepad++ should have showed me error – about network but no ;(.

So fix for unable to install Securenote plugin with Notepad++ is network.

Unable to start instance: instance OCI

Unable to start instance: instance ocid1.instance.oc1.iad.anuwcljtpkzjjbun35lhrsctaua3q is currently being modified, try again later

OCI cloud, if you facing this error while starting up an instance. No worry, simple solution is wait for some time and try again.Multi time pressing on “start” button on OCI console may cause this.

OCI error while starting an instance
OCI unable to start instance error

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Many resources from where to learn Python?

Learn Python, with this search string, you will see tons of information on Google. Too many resources, from where to learn Python? authentic way to learn Python? same issue faced by me. Python in 2 hrs or learn Python in one day like crash course also available.

But for the serious learner, an authentic learning path required. My suggestion is the Course – Google IT automation Engineer course. It’s the course by Google.

It is six sections course covering starting from Python to IT automation using it. It is free to learn but if you want to get a certificate from Google, you need to pay a nominal fee.

Rsync to AWS S3 mount as a local drive for free

Mount AMAZON S3 as local drive on both Windows and Linux and rsync to backup data to S3 for free without paying any client software.

s3fs on docker is excellent option to build your own backup server and SMB share to Windows boxes.

s3fs to mount Amazon S3 storage as a local disk on Ubuntu docker or VM. NFS share for Linux client and S3 as SMB share for Windows clients.

S3fs now part of Ubuntu so with the apt-get install you can install like any other inbuilt program.

sudo apt-get install f3fs sudo chmod 640 /etc/passwd-s3fs above above text file place your Amazon key:seceret format above steps common for Docker also.It allows d3fs to ready access data safely. Its the important step to begin with s3cmd + rsync to Amazon S3. You ue S3fs to store data on Amazon Glacier also. With the help of Lifecycle policy- you can achive it. Lets see later. can you say alternative to Cloudberry?
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amazon s3 fuse based filesystem now ready. now let’s automate s3fs mount s3 bucket task. By updating /etc/fstab as mentioned below you can automate it.

s3fs#linuxsme /home/sshbox/s3-bucket/ fuse _netdev,enable_content_md5,allow_other,url=,retries=5 0 0

now reboot and see. mount -a | | grep -i bucket must show details. There are many options available but you can use above for Productions loads.

I tried around 300 GB and worked as expected. 25 GB each I tried.

Now you can rsync to Amazon s3 or AWS s3. In my setup I shared one folder from my external drive to Ubuntu VM where S3fs installed. with help of cron, every 1 hr rsync will send data to S3.

*/59 * * * * /usr/bin/flock -n /tmp/lock_file -c "/usr/bin/rsync -arv --ignore-existing /mnt/hgfs/backuptos3/* /home/sshbox/s3-bucket"
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what it says every 1 hr – check the folder of external drive and copy them to Amazon S3. to avoid duplicates and cost option ignore-existing will help.

Now you use SAMBA services to mount share to any windows box. S3fs is Fuse based excellt net file system to enable rsync to Amazon S3 as local drive. Now you can use it without paying any client fee to mount remote S3 to local disk.

hgfs,s3fs combination enables a production-grade backup system using Amazon S3. You can use normal ls command on mounted Amazon S3.

But please be remember ever call is API call to Amazon S3 so some cost involved. for retrival of 20 GB data from S3 it may cost you around $1.76.

Way to know your WordPress blog or website AMP compatible?

How to know given a WordPress blog or website is AMP compatible? AMP is part of Mobile-First framework by

How to check blog is AMP-enabled or not? Any Quick way to check website AMP enabled or not?

Yes, there is quick online check solution available . It is called AMP test

AMP test portal provided by you need to submit your AMP-enabled URL and it will do a quick check for errors. AMP validation service by Google is free of cost.

Now I hope you got the answer to the question, is my blog or website AMP compatible or not.

Check your website AMP compatible or not.