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  • OCI Ubuntu instance issue with external ports

    Unable to access Ubuntu instance from internet other than ssh even after enabling security list related to VNC. This is a bit surprising as I am able to access port 22 but standard ports like 80,443 etc unable to access. Even I disabled ufw the Ubuntu firewall. No issue with sec list of OCI instances. […]

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

  • NextCloud internal error when accessing form Internet public IP bi fine on LAN

    Recently I built NextCLoud on my  OpenMediavault. I will post that story later. I am using reverse proxy manager. while accessing NextCloud, using Local IP or LAN IP, everything is fine but when I try to run NextLoud from my ISP dynamic public IP using Ngnix reverse proxy manager,  post login files section failing with […]

  • Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 2097152 bytes exhausted Fatal error:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 2097152 bytes exhausted. Allowed memory size of 2097152 bytes exhausted this is a common error while trying to run PHP cron jobs in docker versions of nextcloud. Maybe for some other Lets focus on NextCloud. Recently while building NAS on a laptop, I faced this issue. A quick fix […]

  • how to enable Full text PDF OCR search and partial word search OpenMediaVault

    In our LAPTOP to NAS series we sucessefully converted our old laptop to a small  NAS without spending much. Now added functionality series, let’s check about real good addons to Openmediavault NAS for free. Full file search along with pdfs is a must-have feature for most of us. What is a Full-text search along with […]

  • How to install wireGuard VPN in client mode Oracle Linux 7

    Recently  part of NAS on LAPOTP project, enabled wireGUard VPN server  to connect my LAN from internet. So to the check the functionality on various Operating Systems and devices, tested wireguard VPN in client mode on Android mobile and Windows Desktop. Now its time install Wire Guard VPN in client mode on Oracle Linux 7. […]

  • TerraForm Lab ready now how to learn TerraForm

    Hi, I am Mr LinuxSME wants to become TeeraForm SME. So started this TerraForm SME series. Now I set up TerraForm OCI Lab with help of a great Google search. Thanks to all contributors. The lab setup is easy anyone can do. Now the real thing is how to learn TerraForm and teach all of […]

  • TerraForm lab setup with OCI learn once manager multi-vendor clouds.

    In our TerraForm SME series Today we will check on how to set up connectivity with TerraForm and OCI. One thing to note, to complete TerraForm certification no need to have much knowledge about cloud providers. The main focus will be the concepts of TerraForm. The same concepts will apply to all Cloud providers. It […]

  • How to access Win 10 SMB NAS shares offline even network is disconnected

    Many times, we will face this issue. When you connected to a VPN like CISCO VPN it disables all local LAN access. Sometimes while editing files on remote SMB shares, network disconnection happens. Windows 10 provides a good feature called “always available offline” for remote SMB shares. When you enable it, you can access files […]

  • Hashicorp TerraForm associate exam dump and cost

    Hashicorp Terraform associate exam dumps are related to Hashicorp certified terraform associates. TerraForm associate exam is online and multiple choice based. terraform certification training is free. Hashicorp is offering study material and software for free. LinuxSME offers to terraform associate certification training without any cost. The dump concept is of no use. Just having a […]

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