How to use openmediavault nas share when office vpn connected

Recently as part of  DIY NAS, converted my T450 laptop as openmediavault NAS box.I will post my experience in another series.

Now everything is fine as expected as long as  I connected to my local LAN. I want to use my work laptop with productive tools like OneNote etc to use my NAS box as a backup. The issue is I need to use the Cisco VPN client to connect the office network.

My Cisco VPN won’t allow local LAN connections. So I can’t use my SAMBA share from openmediavault NAS. As a workaround, I can use VM with shared folders from the office laptop to backup it up. but I don’t want to waste 1 CPU for that VM.

Win 10 got an “available always offline”  feature which allows even local LAN not available, it can store changes on local disk and when NAS is online it will sync.

I got the solution, I mapped the network drive of SAMA mount and enabled “always available offline” features. so Whenever I am on Cisco VPN – Win 10 saves changes to the local disk and once I am out of VPN, it will sync to NAS.

In this way, we can use the local network NAS even behind the CICSO VPN network.









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