How to track so many passwords?

This question popups every one who uses the internet or works on computer nowadays. So many services are available online with logins. How track som many passwords with minimal efforts and with security?

So many password managers in the market but I prefer simple apps with no installation required and can take along with in Usb or can download from Cloud drive.

I prefer following features of Password Managers.

  • Not be an online service-based
  • Portable means no installation required
  • Take away with USB storage or downloadable from Cloud
  • Zero cost
  • Complete Contro

Few products survived after implementing the above conditions. Now my suggestion going by

OSI certified and completely free without any adware. I am using for production loads on my laptop. It satisfies all of the above conditions.

I am attaching the currently available version for archiving purpose. But please download the latest version from site.

Password Manager is must for any Cloud Engineer unless one have Good memory which is becoming rare now after softphone invention. did you remember your lie partner number ? I tent to forget it :).






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