How to install Focus Writer on Oracle Linux 7

Focus Writer

Focus writer RPM is not available for Linux 7  but other Linux distributions like Ubuntu has built-in support. So tried to compile Focus Writer from the source but failed with QT dependency hell. Focus Writer needs QT 5 and Oracle Linux 7 comes with QT4.

Installed QT5  but still failing.

make: /usr/lib64/qt5/bin/lrelease: Command not found

When I try to run make – failing due to the above error. Upon search release found in qt4 folder. Even after install QT5 using built-in repos release not installed for QT5. Even tried the Fedora package to implement but failing with dependency hell.

So I am struck but don’t want to miss the good text editor. After much trial and error able to do a clean compilation of Focus Writer on Oracle / RHEL 7.

How to compile Focus Writer

1. Download QT 5.11 from the QT website


2. Execute and follow the wizard guidelines

3. Set the path

export PATH=”/opt/Qt5.12.11/5.12.11/gcc_64/bin:$PATH”

4. qmake

5. make

6. make install

Bingo!  your Focus Writer is ready for use on Redhat/Oracle Linux 7.

In this way, we can compile Focus writer from the source for Oracle Linux 7.







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