How to Convert Old laptop like T450 to perfect NAS for Home Network

In this T450 laptop NAS conversion series, I will explain in detail end to end process of building 1 GBps of NAS without wasting money on Fancy NAS products.

You may ask why we can’t use VM by Vmware workstation or Virtualbox. Here is the reason why never use VM managed Type 2 hypervisor for NAS purposes. 

After the grand failure of the NAS build using a desktop hypervisor, now I turned towards my old but very reliable Lenovo  T450 laptop which is with 16 GB and 256 GB HDD.   I have no clue about Hardware compatibility with Open Media Vault. It’s based on Debian Linux 10 web-based GUI.  LAN cards must detect and other displays are not required.

Here is the first step of our DIY NAS using laptop T450.

Step 1: Network topology for Home NAS using a laptop

Step 2: Storage layout for Home NAS using the laptop

Step 3: Open Media Vault  NAS on the laptop T450

T450 Laptop as NAS server
T450 Laptop as NAS server

End Result :

AJA T450 NAS speed check
T450 laptop NAS box speed check

We achieved our goal it by saturating the 1 Gbps line in the above benchmark



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