How to convert legacy Sysadmin to modern SRE

The ever-changing IT industry related to infrastructure management now following the new trend. Shifting of System administrator jobs to SRE. You may say SRE is nothing but 50:50 which means SA with coding skills. The concern is the gradual elimination of separate lines between coders and Sysadmins.

Although SRE in the market for a long time used to be the private skill of tech giant Google. But now the desire to automate every thong caused widespread of this SRE.

Senior System admins now thinking about shifting from legacy System Admin profile to SRE. But can a System Admin become SRE? System admins in general know about shell scripts or some kind of programming SA related tasks. But SRE demands more and Python reevaluation and killing Perl. Modern frameworks and builds tools forcing Sys admin to become developers. But is it possible?

Due to Cloud computing, most of the deployment tasks are built-in or automated. Who can user internet deploy virtual server within mins? Coders already enjoying their place. Now SA will go?

System Administrators now grinding between automation and coding. The market already saying no support jobs, only migration projects. Ok, suppose you want to learn new tools to become SRE, which one. So many fancy names and disappearing overnight.
Who going to understand the pain of a System Administrator who doesn’t want to lose the job in this RAT race economy.

I may sound negative but truth does not always cause pleasure. Ansible, Chef, Python are these three skills now I want to master. Thease may not yield wonders but I am sure they protect in this SA vs SRE war. I will share about them in our portal. You can see lot of info about them online but will share here a learner experience.

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