How to check local LAN speed and bandwidth or intranet

You have so many tools for measuring net speed but what about your local LAN speed check? How you can measure the bandwidth of your local LAN or Intranet? How do you know your home is Gbps and all network equipment performing?

Here is the free and quick solution to local network or intranet speed check. Program named called iperf tool to measure local LANspeed


Two windows/Linux systems are connected and reachable to each other via ethernet.

Step 1:

start program in server mode  using parameter -s

Step 2:

on other PC  execute the program as a passing parameter -c and server ip

Speediest your home local lan
How to measure local LAN bandwidth

Why I am using this?

I am building one home NAS project using old hardware and SSDS available at home. To health check my home LAN  and its speed, I want to try a simple solution. This utility is perfect to speed test home LAN or intranet.








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