How to become Sysadmin to SRE

Now System Admin job marked as Legacy and no more required by the IT industry. Its pain in the heart by seeing System admin jobs section removing from Organization job list. Now everyone wants SRE. It’s not a title change its complete change of mindset from System Admin.

What a respect SAs used to get in the organization!.Now SRE. Google started this concept of SRE in 2003 I think. But after Devops got good demand since 2011. now SRE came to picture. Although DevOps and ARE not same but interrelated now.

SRE means Site Reliability Engineer. A person with SA and Development skill set. 50:50 role. A developer can become System Admin but its hard for SA to become Developer. I am also now in the same boat. I will start my SRE journey on this blog. One thing is sure, a lot of learning curve ahead. You need to know the basics of DevOps tools and one language ( Python is the best choice). Just writing crude Bash scripts no more works!. Welcome to how to become SRE from SA role series.

how to become a site reliability engineer? how to become an sre?

how to become site reliability engineer?

All of the above questions are same as well answer also as mentioned above.







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