How to become Linux SME

No wonder, many of you got this question. How to become Linux Subject Matter Expert? Don;t go by experience or number of years working as Linux admin. Most of the day to day Linux tasks won;t make you Linux Expert.

You need to study and work on various Linux related problems. You may not experience that problem in your work environment but once you face them – you will be the star at Management eyes.

I have xx years of experience but why can’t I am became Linux SME?

Simple as, comfort zone or doing same job duties every day. If you get a chance to work on different Linux projects you might be SME by this time. So we need to learn Linux internal to become Linux SME.

Do you what is 2′ complement and data structures? If you say not remember may be collage days? then you are not active in the way to Linux SME.

Si what the solutions to become Linux SME?

Learn the basics of digital electronics and data structures. all the stuff is free and available online.

you can learn within 30 days by allocating 1 hr per day. Trust once you cross this learning stage, your confidence level will boost like anything. can I say “How to become Linux SME in 30 days” :).

How to become Linux SME in 30days.
Opensource Linux – come and master it.

After completion of above 2 subjects, we can jump to Linux internals.