Fix to Securepad plugin with Notepad++

Notepad++ is a much-liked text editor for most Linux admins. Recently I faced an issue that forced me to check for an encryption plugin for Notepadd++ to encrypt or decrypt text in Notebook.

SecureNote is excellent plugin for my need.

Unable to install secure note plugin in Notepadd++, no error from Notepad++.

I Am using version 7.9.x. Plugin admin – select plugin and install. After Notepad++ will restart but no sign of plugin. No error nothing. Problem was not with plugin admin as most us will think

How did I fix securenote plugin issue with Notepad++?

In blind cut method, tried to install other virtual machine and it worked. both Virtual Machines are same config but current one is not in office VPN. So tried to by disconnecting Cisco anyconnect VPN client, bingo ! it worked.

So Notepad++ must be run as admin mode to use system proxy when you under VPN. But Notepad++ should have showed me error – about network but no ;(.

So fix for unable to install Securenote plugin with Notepad++ is network.



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