Configure WordPress and Oracle OCI to send mails

How to configure Oracle Cloud as a mail server for your WordPress site? Yes, you can use the Oracle OCI Cloud mail server to send mails if you host your website with Oracle Cloud.

YOu need one free plugin and configuration changes on OCI cloud console. No time taking process and mostly less than 10 mins you can achieve this. Let’s see how to configure the Oracle Cloud mail relay server.

Step 1:Setup of send mail plugin for WordPress

There are many plugins available to reconfigure functions to use a custom SMTP server. I am using “WP Mail SMTP”. Install it as usual in your WordPress site.

Step 2: Configure SMTP plugin

Now time to configure it. Go to the Plugin Settings page and follow the screenshots

After Entering your From address, next select “Other” under the Mailer header.

Step 3: Configuring SMTP server details

SMTP name, User logins are Dynamic and based on your OCI available domain. Here is a link for SMTP servers list wise for all available domains.

Step 4: Configuring Oracle OCI

This part is well documented by Oracle as part of its excellent OCI documentations.

All done and now onwards your WordPress will use Oracle OCI mail relay server as SMTP.






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