CENTOS now killed by RedHat best alternatives

CENT OS  best alternative and 100% compatible with the RedHat distro now on the death bed. So no more CENTOS. What are the alternatives and what’s next?

What are the best alternatives for  CENTOS?

For many of us, CENTOS was the best alternative for the RedHat distro.  other distros like Fedora are racehorses changing or breaking. For College students, CENTOS is the best one. Now it’s time to select an alternative to CENTOS as the CENTOS plug pulled by RedHat.

How many distros allow manual kernel compilation with make install?

Best alternatives for CENTOS:
  • Oracle Linux and Ubuntu

Oracle Linux is proven for enterprise loads. Oracle contributed many valuable features to Linux Kernel in the form of UEK. Migration from CENTOS is easy to Oracle Linux. Database and other critical software are well supported and optimized for Oracle Linux.

Ubuntu is not that optimized for Database and enterprise-grade software and is not compatible with upstream RedHat. It’s my personal thought.


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