Can I host Prod WordPress on OCI free tier

Excellent question! While posting my story of Linuxsme on YouTube channel, my friend this question.

In fact, I am hosting this web site using Oracle Cloud – OCI – free tier compute node only. Ocpus are much powerful than other Cloud providers? we will see you soon. I am using OCI + SPark from adobe along with YouTube.

Non-APACHE based stack makes a lot of difference for limited resources VMS or Computenodes. Now, Http/2 seems to make some improvements to SSL based sites. Our site also SSL that too from “letsencrypt” for $0.

I am new to social media – can you believe – I don’t have Facebook Page!

Everything I installed by my own not Docker-based or any ready to use the stuff! Linux SRE needs to build such ready to use stuff. To build Stuff, first, you need to know how internals.

So LNMP + Adobe Spark + YouTube + OCI + MailChimo + WordPress = Soon I going to present Linux and SRE related stuff.






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