A quick way to create your own Dynamic DNS of your domain

Now you can create your own Dynamic services like no-IP but with your own domain and no need to depend on any service provider. How and why to have your own dynamic DNS?

I am hosting some parts of our Linux SME portal from my by broadband, now you may be surprised why the hell I am doing that? I got a stable net and why I can’t use it?. the only issue is My ISP provides Dynamic IP. I don’t use any dynamic service providers.

one of the excellent coders provided free option to implement Dynamic DNS on my domain. YOu can get more details from below video

Thanks source who provided excellent way to create own Dynamic DNS

At present, it works with Godaddy but it works with any DNS provider who enables API based remote zone management.

How it works?

1.Shell script which connects to Godaddy and updates subdomains related linuxsme.com whenever my broadband ip changes.

2.YOu can see exactly how to implement and download the script from the above video.

How to create own dynamic DNS service with your domain

Feel free comment, if you know any best way to implement dynamic dns for free.






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