1 Gbps home Lan topology for open media vault NAS on Laptop

In our  DIY NAS using laptop T450 series let’s check on the proposed Home Lan NAS topology.

Our motive is to build a 1 Gbps NAS without spending on Fancy NAS stuff. for 4-5 users for office work, Video streaming not 4k VIdeo editing :).   I will use my existing ISP home broadband 1 Gbps router with 4 built-in ports.

Win 10/Linux Clients/DLNA like smart TV/VLC ——- Ruter —— NAS on T450 laptop. All devices are equipped with 1 Gbps except TV.

Which ethernet cable is required for 1Gbps LAN?

Preferable LAN cable for 1 Gbps network is 6 but 5e also you can use but NOT 5.

Router Hardware Model:  HG8145V5

NAS server: Lenevo T450 with 15 GB RAM ( even 4GB also works fine for pure NAS use without add ons like docker etc. )

The next Task is about storage planning for home NAS using laptop T450






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